A Cohesive Search Engine Marketing Strategy will Make You More Successful

Developing a cohesive search engine marketing program for your business is smart and mandatory for long term success.

Experience is vital in the planning, implementation and monitoring of a successful search engine strategy.   Itís about identifying valuable keywords and focusing website content. When a site is popular and focused on a particular keyword, it's in the search engines best interest to rank you highly for related searches.

Hey Andrew:

I wanted to let you know that Colonial Barn Restoration doubled our gross revenue this year to almost $20,000 per week.

Since we optimized for search engines and started pay per click I have over a year of quality jobs booked in advance. I always had a lot of work but it is hard to believe that we are booked that far out with our volume growing at such a fast rate.

I owe a lot of it to you. My company is a success story for your company and search engine marketing. I hope you know that I appreciate it.

Thanks for everything,
-  Murph

Tim Murphy
Owner, CBR, Inc.

A winning search engine marketing strategy requires:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Content written by a search engine specialist
  • Directory submissions
  • Industry specific submissions
  • Keyword linking
  • Limited use of flash, Javascript or frames

Determining the amount of work necessary for these necessary aspects of a search engine strategy depends on the value of getting high rankings and the competition for your specific keywords.  (We'll look more closely at your situation during our initial consultation.)

Search engine marketing is a fastest growing sector of Internet marketing because it works.

When you contact us, we will explore a search engine marketing strategy that fits your objectives and opportunities.