Easily Manage and Update your Website through a Content Management System

A dynamic website uses a database to gather, manage and display information.

Database driven are used for websites that change constantly with areas such as product inventory, news or listing information. USA Today uses databases for news stories, Amazon uses them for e-commerce and all financial sites displaying real time stock information through database feeds. 

Yahoo creates "My Profile" customized pages by the user entering information in a database that is then displayed accordingly. 

Pretty much anything website that is robust requires so aspect of database management for efficiency. 

Database driven functionality is ideal for website content (including images) needing regular updates and additions. They can also be created so that one can easily make website changes in real time without web publishing skills such as HTML.

What can I do with a dynamic database driven website?

The possibilities are endless.

Nectar Marketing has extensive experience building database driven websites -- itís what we do best! After evaluating your needs, and we can offer suggestions for your situation and budget.

Contact us to discuss your objectives and a database driven website might make your business more successful.