Where Does Your Site Rank?
Client Google & Yahoo! Rankings


 Barn Restoration #1
 Marine Paneling #1
 Nantucket Real Estate #3
 Nantucket Summer  Rentals #1
 Casework Services #1
 Bio Bags #5
 Sartorius Filters #1
 Website Consulting #1
 Website Designer #10
 Wastewater Evaporators #2
 Berard AIT #2
search engines constantly fluctuate - listed rankings from 6/01/05

Our proven track record of high rankings will dramatically increase the amount of qualified leads and new customers to your business.

Did You Know......

  • 85% of all Internet users find Web sites through search engines
  • 55% of all online purchases originated from a search listing
  • 87% of businesses find new vendors via search engines

The phrases listed on the right are valuable search engine keywords for my clients.  In each case they are 100% dead on with what my clients sell.  And most of these rankings came as a result of our initial website development together.  In other words, it's an added bonus they didn't have to pay for initially. 

This is a tremendous value that most of my prospects usually don't fully appreciate or understand initially.  Either way, don't worry, we have got you covered here better than anyone else, and we know you will appreciate it eventually. 

So don't waste your time with companies that claim to have results, submission services, or anything that seems simple and cheap. None work.

In addition to designing sites that naturally rank well for relevant and valuable keywords, we also provide search marketing services through pay per click advertising.  A combination of search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising is ideal for high search engine rankings in the short and long term.  

To discuss how to build a website and a search marketing program that ranks your business highly for your "money" keywords, contact Andrew now to set up a brief no obligation consultation.